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Presentation of The Abduction of Proserpina by Cesar Aristides

28 min.
Introducing the first ICE Press title, The Rape of Proserpina by César Arístides. In the Borghese Gallery, in Rome, there is the sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini “The Abduction of Proserpina”, a work impressive for its beauty and perfection.

Presentation of The Abduction of Proserpina by Cesar Aristides

1 min.

We present the first title from ICE Press, “El Rapto de Proserpina” by César Arístides. In the Borghese Gallery in Rome, there is Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture “The Abduction of Proserpina,” an impressive work known for its beauty and perfection.

Buying used: is its real purpose disappearing?

121 min.
I had always thought thrifting was a cheap way to shop: I could buy a brand-name shirt at the Salvation Army for just a few dollars instead of spending twenty-five or more for a new one at a clothing store.

¡Our new poetry collection is available!

Our new poetry collection is now available! The first titles from ICE Press are on sale in both
paper and ebook formats. We inaugurate the collection with works by César Arístides,
Alejandro Ortiz González, Néstor Rodríguez, Reina María Rodríguez, Zaira Pacheco, and
José Kozer. This first group is in Spanish, and titles in English will arrive soon.

Alberto Ruy Sánchez And Literature Beyond The Ggenre.

TPL & the Institute for Creative Exchange, Americas Present: Alberto Ruy Sánchez and Literature Beyond the Genre Novelist, essayist, poet, editor and director of celebrated magazine, Artes de México, Alberto Ruy Sánchez is considered one of Latin America’s most important literary figures

Recipes and conversations

One of the fundamental questions in reading poetry is the origin of the poetic voice. Unlike narratives, the person who emits the voice in the poem is not necessarily a character who inhabits the text, nor the author who sentences each verse.