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You can watch our Unfold documentary here

121 min.
Unfold explora el proceso creativo y el surgimiento de 20 artistas mexicanos en la década de los 90 que actualmente tienen una participación preponderante en la escena artística internacional.

Presentation of The Abduction of Proserpina by Cesar Aristides

28 min.
Introducing the first ICE Press title, The Rape of Proserpina by César Arístides. In the Borghese Gallery, in Rome, there is the sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini “The Abduction of Proserpina”, a work impressive for its beauty and perfection.

New publication by Ximena Berecochea.

3 min.
Spring brings a new issue of DOUBLE DOUBLE with a focus on poetry, images and languages, and how media interact and communicate with each other.

Presentation of The Abduction of Proserpina by Cesar Aristides

1 min.

We present the first title from ICE Press, “El Rapto de Proserpina” by César Arístides. In the Borghese Gallery in Rome, there is Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture “The Abduction of Proserpina,” an impressive work known for its beauty and perfection.

Two poems by Maleea Acker

The work of Canadian poet Maleea Acker is always intimate and surprising. She has the
ability to discover subtle connections between the landscape and our consciousness.

¡Our new poetry collection is available!

Our new poetry collection is now available! The first titles from ICE Press are on sale in both
paper and ebook formats. We inaugurate the collection with works by César Arístides,
Alejandro Ortiz González, Néstor Rodríguez, Reina María Rodríguez, Zaira Pacheco, and
José Kozer. This first group is in Spanish, and titles in English will arrive soon.

Film & Collectivity workshop by Nicolás Pereda

On our last Film & Collectivity series, Nicolas Pereda worked with the group to create the draft of a potential new film. With founded footage and shooting with their phones, participants put together their points of view around displacement and exile. Here’s the film.

Rita Kamacho on Art & Ephemerality

Performance artist, Rita Kamacho, presented this work as a result of our Art & Ephemerality workshop. The group watched from Artscape Youngplace Mezzanine two women throw flags as an ephemeral expression of time passing.